a brief overview of me

I’m a native New Yorker, but have been based in London since 2005. I moved here for business school, but stayed for the weather.

I’m currently working as an Operating Executive at Silver Lake where I help our portfolio companies see through digital and data transformations to unlock value. Prior to Silver Lake, I was the Chief Product Officer at Signal AI.  Previously, I worked at Dow Jones, where I was the Chief Product and Technology Officer for the Professional Information Business and the GM for an innovation business unit focussed on building a knowledge graph for the news.

Up until early 2014, I worked at Google as a Product Manager for Google Analytics (and, in particular, Google Analytics Premium). I built “big data” pipeline features for data scientists and some other things like privacy and security controls.

For those who asked, here is my video from ProductTank London about Business-to-Business Product Management.

(I also find time to do other stuff.)