other stuff I’ve done

A few things I’m proud of…

How to Screw Up B2B

I was asked to speak at a ProductTank London event on the topic of business-to-business (B2B) product management. You can see some of my other public speaking work below, but this talk stood out in the amount of interest it has generated (most of it good!) It’s a cathartic rant, but many product managers find it entertaining. UPDATE: Here is a new version that fixes some audio.

Clancy Childs – How to Screw Up B2B from MindTheProduct on Vimeo.

Google Analytics in Real Life

In 2011, I was working with one of our marketing guys about ways to get the idea of using Google Analytics into the heads of people that might not otherwise think about web analytics. We came up with the idea of “Google Analytics in Real Life” and I wrote 3 proto-scripts about what these could look like. We got budget to shoot one (with a proper director and script) and after it got some really great press and won an award or two, we were given the go ahead to produce the other two. (Can you spot my cameo appearance in one of them?)

Google Analytics Real Time Pebble Watch App

When I  got my Pebble Watch from funding the Kickstarter campaign, I immediately wanted to try writing an app for it. Around the same time the Google Analytics Real Time API was being tested internally, so I decided to use that as an opportunity to create the app. To complicate matters, I also decided to try using the new (at the time) Android Studio rather than Eclipse. So, after using a beta SDK for Pebble, with a beta API for realtime, in an alpha development environment, I was able to hack together the watch app and Android companion app which ended up being front-and-center on a lot of the press around the Real Time API launch.

Public Speaking

I’ve spoken at many events on topics around web analytics, conversion optimization, Google, big data and whatever else pops into my mind. There is apparently some evidence of this (except for the private sessions):

Conversion Optimization for Dummies

After working with several Google advertisers on helping them optimize their sites, I worked with a few other Googlers to produce the “Conversion Optimization for Dummies” booklet which was distributed with several industry magazines.

You can find the PDF copy here.